Revolutionary Leaders : It's Time to Take a Fierce Stand for your Joy! 

Beneath your busy schedule and current obligations lies the quiet whisper of your heart... your soul's purpose calling you... except for that pesky detail that you haven't yet figured out how to monetize your purpose to live prosperously.

In the space between your thoughts, your "to-do" list, and your habits, lies your latent potential ... awaiting your awareness, attention, and focus, to breathe life into your joy and your zone of genius.... but you keep carrying on with the status quo because... what, is JOY just going to create money out of thin air, or something? You need something REAL that will create REAL money... but how?

You are a leader of leaders, and your work will revolutionize people's lives, ... and yet they don't know about you, aren't clear on what you do, and don't pay you enough... yet.

It's time to uplevel your impact and income ... by harnessing the power of the Joyful Genius within you.

Joy + Adventure + Business Strategy + Your Soul Family tribe = FIERCE JOY MASTERMIND

The Fierce Joy Mastermind is for you if...

  • You're a high performer running one successful business AND have started (or want to start) a second business that's more aligned with your purpose, but it's not making money yet and you're chronically overbusy, overscheduled, and overwhelmed, or...
  • You have a purposeful business or coaching practice but aren't creating the impact or income you desire and it all feels like more work than play, or...
  • You are currently in a 9-to-5 job and want to transition into living your purpose with joyful freedom by creating a new business... but ... the money! How's this going to work?
  • You are committed to honoring the calling of your soul and getting out of your own way to live your purpose and actualize your highest potential, and you'd like to do so while eating mangoes and enjoying island adventures, thank you very much
  • You are a transformational leader passionate about the mind-body connection, bringing holistic, integrative approaches to your life and your work, and you know that you learn and uplevel best when you're active, moving your body, and in your flow!

Welcome to this 6-month Joyful Business Intensive, where you'll find your flow of how YOU create your greatest impact and income by consistently choosing your joy.

You're ready for a breakthrough - it's time to get your message out into the world in a way that inspires people to say "HELL YEAH! HOW DO I SIGN UP?" Until you've gotten the hang of that, you're stuck on the hamster wheel of being overbusy, not making the money you need to thrive, and feeling frustrated that people don't "get" what you do in a way that inspires them into action.

Not to worry -- There's both an art and a science to soul-inspired Joyful Business success, and it feels so RIGHT when you start embodying it! During our 6-month mastermind, you'll learn, practice, embody, and master the art and science of:

Creating From Your Awesomeness Map : trusting your body's intelligence to guide you to make choices that lead to greater ease and less overwhelm, more FLOW, less force.

Unleashing Your Joyful Genius: creating the contribution that stems from your most natural essence, energy, strengths, and skills -- where things feel "easy" because they're so natural for you-- and doing only what's in your your zone of genius while receiving support with everything else.

Joyful Business: designing the offers, programs, packages, and products that feel AMAZING and SO FUN to create, pricing them at rates that feel authentic, aligned, and abundant, and being crystal clear on how you best serve people, doing what you do best, in the way that makes the greatest impact.

Leading Your Joyful Revolution: owning and embodying your leadership as leader of a movement with a soul-stirring mission, one that inspires people to action and magnetizes your soul family clients and tribe.

Joyful Marketing: having the most fun possible while making authentic connections and growing the relationships that lead to sales, referrals, and thousands of fans and followers.

Joyful Sales: how to naturally and authentically create conversations that create cash -- in person, over the phone, or online -- so that selling your services, programs, books, and speaking is steady, easy, and fun!

Inside Out Calendaring : be the CEO of time as you prioritize what's important to you and your joy -- daily, weekly, yearly -- and design a life that you truly love.

Daily Awesomeness Habits: the daily structures and choices that keep you aligned with your joy and out of overwhelm and distraction -- from your own soul-guided model for flow-based productivity.

The four pillars of The Inner Game and the four pillars of Aligned Action Strategy make up our Financial Fourplay model -- how to play with your life and work, sensually and joyfully, in a way that uplevels your impact, income, and JOY for this next chapter of your life.

It's time for a new way of doing business - based in the flow of what feels light and expansive for you. 


  • Six-month small-group mastermind group for 7 self-actualizing women committed to upleveling your life and business right now
  • Monthly themes and trainings on the Financial Fourplay pillars for Joyful Business -- your new way of doing business, marketing, sales, pricing, and strategy from the lightness in your body and the joy in your soul
  • Biweekly group coaching calls via Zoom web video -- part Joy Jam, part laser coaching and Q & A, always breakthroughs
  • Biweekly Mojo Boost calls for clarifying intention, prioritizing time and focus for the week, and accountability and support on daily Awesomeness habits for living from joy 
  • Private Facebook group for weekly celebrations, accountability, and high-vibe joyful support
  • All-inclusive St. Lucia retreat, including six nights double-occupancy accommodation in charming historic cottages at an eco-friendly retreat center, privately nestled within a 70-acre plantation on the beach. (Private cottages available for additional fee.)
  • All retreat meals -- locally sourced and organic as much as possible! (Specific dietary needs honored upon request.)
  • Five full days of Joyful Business immersion - flow-based, laser-focused, intuitively guided for the group and customized for your unique needs and and long & short term goals.
  • Snorkeling, hiking, waterfalls, hot springs, botanical gardens, volcano "mud bath", yoga, a private massage, and a sunset cruise!
  • Airport transfers from the Hewanorra International airport to the retreat center and back.  


  • Airfare to and from Hewanorra International Airport in St. Lucia

"Have you introduced me to magic? This work is BRILLIANT, INSIGHTFUL, LIFE ALTERING, and LIGHT! I am blown away by the power of this work. I encourage anyone to spend time laughing and coaching with Anne and expect a sea of wonderful changes to follow."

~ Laurel Pumphrey, The Pumphrey MethodTM of Music Training and Amusia Therapy


The investment for the 6-month Fierce Joy Mastermind, including an all-inclusive full-week retreat in gorgeous St.Lucia, is:


You can make seven monthly payments of $999, or save $499 when you pay in full ($6500). 


"I just closed a $19,000 contract doing exactly the work that I most love to do, in total ease and flow, and it felt effortless! When I first started my business I had a big vision and lots of ideas, but I was doing what I thought I HAD to do to be successful and it felt so stressful. Working with Anne, I've learned how to create my business MY way – (honoring my own style of creation, which includes sitting in the grass, taking naps and tons of self-care) I have so much more ease and acceptance of myself and I’m no longer efforting in my business -- I just get to be me and ask "how much ease am I willing to allow?".  

~ LaRita Jarvis, Chief Innovation Officer, LaRita Jarvis & co,

"What's awesome about working with Anne is how much we laugh -- and she gives me tough love, never being mean, unlike some coaches who aren't that nice. (I can be hard on myself. I don't need to pay someone to be hard on me.)

With Anne I always feel like like she's 1000% on my side, in my corner, and truly wants me to succeed. She's incredibly insightful and intuitive, and always gets me back on track to stay focused on what's really important.

I wanted to be more clear and concise when giving my 60-second elevator/intro speech to talk about how my public speaking coaching can and does make an impact on my clients. Anne helped me with the inner work and the "what to say and to whom" so that I now feel so incredibly confident about what my coaching program is about. I feel so much more confident and definitely like THE expert in public speaking. This is what I needed to create the constant stream of leads and paying clients for my profitable coaching business!"

~ Julie Ostrow,

"I got more out of my first session with Anne than I did from an entire year of business coaching with my previous coach and their team. Other coaches have been helpful in their own "in the box" way, but not inspiring me enough to take action.  

Anne is not an ordinary business coach; she also speaks to the the spiritual, emotional, and energetic aspects of my vision.  

I wanted to feel the excitement about my business again, and it's been mind-blowing to see what's happened just in the first month of working together.  

I was looking at what felt like an impossible situation with a problem employee and two affiliates and it resolved itself almost effortlessly within two weeks.  

Anne saw the bigger vision that I wasn't fully stepping into, and speaks to the deeper truth of my mission like nobody else in my world can.  

She doesn't hold back, and I can count on her to give me honest feedback about my blind spots.  

The alignment work has made such a difference, it's healing my past and moving me forward with powerful energy shifts. I was trying to be a good business owner but not taking care of myself in the way that I needed to.  

Before we began, I wondered if I really even needed a coach. Now I'm wondering how I ever got along without this."

-- E. B.

Why Fierce Joy?

Hi, I'm Anne Rose Hart. Eight years ago I bet everything on the idea that I'd be able to figure out how to create a joyful prosperous life for myself by following my bliss. Driven by a powerful call to live my purpose and make a difference in the world, I thought, "how hard can it be?" -- inspired by spiritual teachings and law of attraction messages that made it sound so simple. 

My marriage had just ended, my son was one, I had $1000 in my checking account, and I was fiercely determined to not get a job and put my son in daycare just to pay the bills for some unfulfilling work ... so it was sink or swim, evolve or die, figure it out or else.


I was first guided to start a laughter club and laugh with people on a frequent basis - to create high-vibe bliss states in my body and create a structure for me to choose joy consistently. 

Then... leading joy retreats, traveling, speaking, and coaching private clients. Over the years my joy compass has consistently guided me, showing me exactly how abundance flows when I'm in my flow of highest excitement and valuing my preferences -- and how it diminishes if I lose faith, hold back, play small, or slip into thinking I should be more like someone else.  

The healing power of joy, I discovered, comes from valuing myself enough to choose what's in my heart -- for therein lies the joy, the highest excitement, and the fierce boundaries that prioritize my unique destiny path no matter what -- and this is where the money flows, too.  

Our world is screaming for more of us to show up as leaders, to usher in a new paradigm of consciousness, to unleash our own creative potential to be and to create innovative solutions to the challenges we face. We are all hurtling through the cosmos together on spaceship earth and we've got to learn how to get along -- with ourselves, with each other, and with our beautiful planet -- or, well, we're screwed.

Which means two things: 

1) We've got to PLAY together more, and remember how to transcend our differences and come together for creative problem-solving in ways that unite us -- which means getting together in creative ways that allow us to play with our own lives and businesses and open up new flows of abundance and possibilities... 

2) YOUR unique message, services, and genius are needed right now. The life experiences that have brought you to this place, have positioned you to step up as a leader, to do your part, to play your note in the symphony of life. And it's your time for breakthrough -- first within yourself and your own relationship with your joy and valuing yourself enough to choose what feels light instead of continuing to choose obligation and duty -- and then you'll see the breakthrough in your bank account and your impact as well.

Unleashing your joyful genius and leading joy retreats is my zone of genius. Will you join me?

"I was working on getting out of debt when I started doing the Joyful Genius work with Anne. Within weeks I received an unexpected check for $5,000, and then received a huge contract from a business that let me pay off almost $15,000 of debt instantly. The biggest thing, though, is that now that I feel like I have my money handled, I can focus on other things. I took a vacation, have been writing, visiting friends, and having more energy for my relationship. I no longer work late nights and then resent my clients, and my overwhelm is gone. All of Anne's practices have had a huge impact on my life."

— S.J.

""I was so skeptical about working with yet another coach that would cost me a lot of money and I still wouldn't get results. I was disillusioned and tired of always feeling stressed about money. I just wanted my business to feel fun again -- and I needed to double my income. Now, I am beyond ecstatic about the results I'm getting - I just had my first $10,000 month last month, and enrolled more four clients last week! I now have a clear focus and direction for the next three months and beyond, and I'm loving how good it feels to be doing only what I love. I am so, so happy -- probably happier than I've ever been in my entire life. I've learned so much from Anne in such a short time, not only from what she teaches but how she lives it and shows, by her example, a fresh way of doing business." ~ S. B.

" I used to be so stressed about getting clients and making money, it was affecting my relationship with my partner, and I was not enjoying my new business at all. I wondered if I should just go back and get a job. Anne's Awesomeness practices have totally helped me to get out of my own way and learn how to let it be easy. What's funny is that I just enrolled another ideal client last week and it felt so easy and natural that I forgot to even mention it! I guess that's a sign that everything has shifted -- the thing that used to be hardest for me (clients and money) is now the easiest."  

-- L. J.

The Fierce Joy St. Lucia Mastermind is one of a series of Fierce Joy programs, for smart, creative women ready to create a life of joyful freedom and creative contribution:

STORY OF YOU : MAGNETIZE AUDIENCES WITH YOUR MESSAGE: Jackson Hole, Wyoming, September 20-22, 2018. For transformational leaders being called to take the stage and speak from the heart. Craft your most impactful story that has audiences on the edge of their seats, then learn how to convert listeners into paying clients in a way that's engaging, natural, and irresistible so you can generate massive cashflow from free talks. You will craft your speech, rehearse and unleash your authentic presence and voice, and receive feedback on your speaking so you dial in your message before you leave, feel ready to rock your talk, show up comfortable and confident on stage, and know WHERE you're going to speak! (Workshops? Conferences? Webinars & podcasts? You'll clarify... where does your ideal target audience hang out?) Plus... you'll learn my favorite Quantum PlayTM practices for showing up on stage in your authentic power and voice, no matter how nervous you might be -- you'll love these power practices! SOLD OUT.

LEADING EDGE CREATOR MASTERMIND RETREAT: Bimini, October 27-31, 2018. Reconnect with your soul and download the next-level vision for the next 90-days of your purpose-driven business as a revolutionary leader. Float in the turquoise waters of the Bahamas, swim with dolphins, and create crystal clear focus to stay aligned with your highest possibilities and joy as you expand your impact and income -- supported by your soul family tribe of leading edge creative friends and soul sisters. SOLD OUT.

FIERCE JOY PURPOSE AND PROSPERITY : November 6-10, 2018, Sedona, Arizona. For smart, creative, awakened women ready to step into your purpose, contribution, and JOY with confidence and clarity --and create $5-10k income months (and beyond) in the flow of your creative contribution. Clarify your unique joyful genius, identify your purposeful contribution project or business model aligned with your strengths and natural aptitudes. Craft the offer that makes your "work" feel like play, dial in your marketing message and sweet spot pricing so that your creative genius and passion is eagerly received and valued by your ideal clients, and leave with a crystal clear focus and foundation for your joyful business and leadership next steps. Plus... master the art of sourcing your wisdom from your Joyful Business Guides using the playful power of Quantum PlayTM! 2 spots left.

LAUNCH! YOUR MESSAGE : April 2019, Sedona, Arizona. For transformational leaders being called to take the stage and speak from the heart. Craft your most impactful story that has audiences on the edge of their seats, then learn how to convert listeners into paying clients in a way that's engaging, natural, and irresistible so you can generate massive cashflow from free talks. You will craft your speech, rehearse and unleash your authentic presence and voice, and receive feedback on your speaking so you dial in your message before you leave, feel ready to rock your talk, show up comfortable and confident on stage, and know WHERE you're going to speak! (Workshops? Conferences? Webinars & podcasts? You'll clarify... where does your ideal target audience hang out?) Plus... you'll learn my favorite Quantum PlayTM practices for showing up on stage in your authentic power and voice, no matter how nervous you might be -- you'll love these power practices! BY APPLICATION.

“There is almost a sensual longing for communion with others who have a large vision. The immense fulfillment of the friendship between those engaged in furthering the evolution of consciousness has a quality impossible to describe.” ― Pierre Teilhard de Chardin

"I wanted to get results, to break through and transform, to reach my highest potential and my divine truth. This is exactly what I got with Anne.  

Within only 2 weeks of having sessions with Anne, so many things turned upside down! All the negative things in my life, the things that no longer matched my vibration, the things that I didn't want in my life and hadn't for a while just up and left - literally!  

Anne helped me see (and showed me through energetic proof of working together) that when our spirituality and love for ourselves is centered and aligned, then everything falls into place. This has been the best investment I've made -- Anne's intuition, intelligence, and open insight are indispensable tools on your path."  

~ Courtney Varner

"I have worked with many coaches, healers, and therapists over the years and was very skeptical about laughing and playing during the process. I thought “no way.” But what happened just blew my mind. I have never experienced such a powerful shift in energy so immediately. I am in awe of what has happened during our time together."

— Tony Drew 

"I was so surprised. I knew Anne was about joy and awesomeness, but I'm not a joyful person and didn't really resonate with those words. The processes she shared with me were really fun and tapped into a part of me I didn't even know was there. I learned so much about how much I was creating my identity from my expertise and being "smart" at the expense of my artistic spirit. I ended up feeling so inspired and light, I'm amazed." - T. L.

"I connected with how my body feels, the sensations, and beliefs that come from my higher power and it just helps me to know when to cut the crap literally. The process wasn’t easy, it’s not for the faint of heart, but it’s so worth it.”  

— Megan King 

"Anne helped me get in touch with my divine self so in-tunely, that I was able to create my entire book and online program while sitting in my local gym’s steam room. I'm not a writer, but it came to me with complete effortlessness! I’m not even sure how Anne helped me connect with my divine essence so effortlessly, but I bet it had something to do with laughter and her always helping me see the good in anything and everything that was going on in my life. We laughed about things I never thought I could laugh about, and it totally changed my perspective instantly!  

The biggest shift that I’ve experienced is that I no longer live and act from my head as much as I do from my heart. Her ability and incorporation of laughter and play into everything she does really helps me get out of my logical brain and act in alignment with my divine essence and joy way more than being logical ever did!

– Lacey Broussard


The investment for the 6-month Fierce Joy Mastermind, including an all-inclusive full-week retreat in gorgeous St.Lucia, is $6,995.

You can make seven monthly payments of $999, or save $499 when you pay in full ($6500).


You CAN make the "leap" into your unique contribution, purpose, and joyful leadership... by harnessing the power of play.

You CAN create and receive the financial freedom you desire - by trusting your heart, following the energy, and sharing the joy.

You CAN do business YOUR WAY - in total alignment with your soul, your pace, and your unique genius - as you inspire others to love their lives, too.

Let me show you how.

About Anne


Anne Rose Hart, M.A., is the go-to mentor for mind-body pioneers and transformational leaders ready to uplevel their impact and income... with joy! As the creator of Quantum PlayTM and founder of the Awesomeness Academy, Anne helps smart, highly-self aware women translate their visions into soul-aligned strategies to live their purpose and create new models of high performance and success with profound ease, flow, and joy. A single mom of a 9-year-old, adventure lover, and autodidactic polymath, Anne loves the joy of working with brilliant, self-actualizing women (and a few stellar men) as together we co-create a more compassionate, inclusive, sustainable world. With clients in 15 countries and counting, Anne draws from her diverse background as a skydiving instructor, triathlete, barrel racer, historian, web developer, jazz pianist, leader of global joy retreats, laughter yogi, occasional raw foodist, and human potential junkie to inspire others to challenge the status quo, dare to do the impossible, and rise above "ordinary" to change the world.