Welcome to the Wealth Wizardry Retreat: for purposeful women ready to bring play into your leadership and create wealth by taking a fierce stand for your JOY.  

If you're a smart, successful, purposeful woman with a rich spiritual awareness, you're being called into a new way of BEING that includes more playfulness and joy -- especially when it comes to creating prosperity from your purpose and stepping into leadership in your own unique way.

How do you create money out of thin air, by doing what you love and sharing it, while bringing joy into the lives of those you'll impact?

How do you create a lifestyle of joyful freedom by following your bliss?

How do you bring playfulness and joy into your work, combining authority and credibility with levity and lightness, to accelerate and augment the transformation you're facilitating as a leader?

To live your purpose and "follow your bliss" into true wealth, both financial AND spiritual, you've got to learn a new way of relating -- to yourself, to money, to income generation, to productivity, and to your work -- that includes playfulness, lightness, and joy.

It's time to access the inner wizardry that appears magical and mysterious to the outside eye -- a way of CREATING your reality from the inside out, harnessing the power of your joy, your intuition, and your whole body intelligence -- to create joyful success and wealth on your terms -- and learning how to support others in doing the same. 

Your joy compass will guide you... are you ready to play?

Angel Valley


  • Discovering the delights of your soul-guided treasure hunt in the vortexes of Angel Valley, decoding your personalized Wealth Code Treasure Map sourced from your deepest wisdom and unique soul's contibution
  • Mastering the art of bending time as a conscious creator of your most joyful life - through labyrinth walks and Quantum PlayTM in the natural Mojo DojoTM created by the energy vortexes
  • Recalibrating your nervous system to your new normal -- honoring your unique pace and flow of joyful life design -- as you splash in the sacred and high-vibe healing waters of Oak Creek
  • Seeing clearly your destiny path of prosperity and joy from a birds' eye view - combining adventure and intuition on a mountain hike
  • Learning the Quantum PlayTM foundational practices that allow you to bring play into your own work as you craft your own personal brand and style of playful leadership.
  • Playing with your tribe -- a group of leading edge creators and joyful leaders who "get" you and your soul's mission and are fiercely committed to supporting you to create your most abundant and joyful life!  

Return home forever changed: on fire, on purpose, in your joy.

FIERCE JOY Wealth Wizardry is where you:

  • GET PAID TO BE YOU. Reset your wealth compass to align with YOUR soul destiny and path of prosperity by following YOUR bliss, trusting your heart, and choosing your joy -- instead of holding back on your deepest desires, getting stuck in comparison, or living out someone else's version of success. Create your personalized Wealth Code Destiny Treasure Map - guided by your soul!
  • UNLEASH YOUR AWESOMENESS. Alchemize your darkest moments into your greatest abundance unlock the treasures buried in the glorious mess of your life, to propel you to new levels of abundance. Sculpt your self-image, beliefs, and stories about your life and your possibilities to align with your full potential, not be limited by the past. Release old patterns in a sacred fire ceremony under the desert stars.
  • GET OUT OF YOUR OWN WAY. Learn everyday practices to stay aligned with your highest possibilities and joy, be with negative emotions and resistance in a generative way, and draw upon the wisdom in your heart no matter how you're feeling, so you align with your unique Wealth Code and magnetism every day. Source the daily Intuition Missions that become your daily Wealth Code Playbook, inspired by the energy vortexes and grounded in ordinary everyday practices so your transformation continues to deepen and expand after you return home.
  • MANIFEST MIRACLES. Raise your vibrational frequency to become more magnetic to opportunities, synchronicities, and what feels like the flowing "slipstream" of your own divinely orchestrated blueprint for success -- by deciphering and trusting your body's uniquely coded Awesomeness Map, perfectly and specifically designed to guide you to more of what makes YOU awesome. Calibrate your Joy Compass in the natural Mojo DojoTM created by the Angel Valley energy vortexes.
  • FIND YOUR TRIBE. Have more fun creating more channels for wealth to come to you, connecting with the earth angels, allies, sisterhood and soulmate connections who support you in living your most joyful and abundant life as we play together, laugh together, cry together, and open up to deep levels of self-love, compassion, collaboration, and community. Create powerful friendships that will nourish you and hold you accountable to your joy!
  • LET IT BE EASIER AND WAYYYY MORE FUN! Activate the power of your authentic desires through Quantum PlayTM and train your mind and emotions to help you, not hold you back. Rewire your nervous system to a new normal, sourced from joy, love, possibility, and your deepest wisdom. 
  • STEP INTO JOYFUL LEADERSHIP. Learn the foundational Quantum PlayTM practices that allow you to integrate play into your own work with clients and in workshops/retreats, to bring joy to the journey of your clients' transformation through proven methods that accelerate and augment the work you're already doing with them. Create and differentiate your personal brand by bringing play to your message.  

Your abundant and joyful life of contribution, purpose, wealth, and freedom begins when you give yourself permission to choose what brings you JOY.


April 30: Arrive by 5:00 pm for our welcome dinner and Fierce Joy Circle to open our hearts to receive and activate the frequency of joyful abundance!

May 1 - 3: Three days of Wealth Wizardry mastery, outdoor adventures, vortex and labyrinth discovery, healing and releasing old patterns, Awesomeness Alignment, Quantum PlayTM and Mojo DojoTM manifesting magic, and creating your personalized Wealth Code Destiny Treasure Map aligned with your unique genius, contribution, and joy! Practice the foundational Quantum PlayTM techniques that you'll use in your own work and deepen your joyful leadership skills using play. 

May 4: Departure after breakfast.


  • Four nights accommodation in log cabins with skylights to watch the night sky and a balcony to enjoy the red rocks. (Private rooms available upon request for additional fee.)  
  • All meals (breakfast, lunch, dinners) -- vegetarian/vegan and raw/living food, fresh and unprocessed, mostly organic ingredients! (Specific dietary needs honored upon request.)
  • Three days of Wealth Wizardry training, healing and clearing sessions, Mojo DojoTM manifesting magic, Quantum PlayTM training, laughter meditations, Awesomeness Alignment coaching, and your personalized Wealth Code Destiny Treasure Map.
  • Your own personalized Wealth Wizardry magic wand! Yes. Really. 
  • Three group coaching sessions (meeting online via Zoom) after the retreat to integrate the learning and support you in bringing your transformation into your "real world" back at home. ($1,500 value)  


  • Airfare and transportation to and from Angel Valley Retreat Center (Shuttle from Phoenix airport available; details here)
  • Additional services such as massage are available for an additional fee.

"Have you introduced me to magic? This work is BRILLIANT, INSIGHTFUL, LIFE ALTERING, and LIGHT! I am blown away by the power of this work. I encourage anyone to spend time laughing and coaching with Anne and expect a sea of wonderful changes to follow."

~ Laurel Pumphrey, The Pumphrey MethodTM of Music Training and Amusia Therapy


Space is limited to 10 participants to ensure maximum focus, personalized attention in a small group, and swift results. 

INVESTMENT: $3,175 (includes double-occupancy lodging and all meals)

$1,500 deposit holds your spot; balance due 30 days prior to arrival. 

Feeling called to step into Joyful Leadership? If you choose to join the Awesomeness Inner Circle and deepen your mastery by becoming a certified Quantum PlayTM facilitator, your investment in this retreat will apply toward the 2018 Inner Circle and training.

 ~ OR ~  



If you're a transformational leader feeling called to bring play and joy into your work, you've got to find your tribe -- your soul family who "gets" you and mirrors back to you your unique gifts and brilliance -- so you can unleash your full creative genius into the world. 

You can't do this work with just anyone -- there's a resonance and a synergy with your tribe, that brings out the best in you and makes you feel like you've come home. (We, for example, love to PLAY OUTDOORS where we learn and grow most effectively -- not in stuffy hotel ballrooms under flourescent lights! :)

Welcome to the Awesomeness Inner Circle -- for leading edge creators and revolutionary leaders who value the JOY in the journey, live from FLOW (while also taking massive action!), and know that you're here to change the world with your gifts (starting with the great cosmic joke, that we must change ourselves first, hahaha!) -- and you want to bring PLAY into your leadership, your work, and your offerings. 

This is for you if you have a big vision, you know you're here to create a movement, and you want other brilliant and creative minds to bounce your ideas off and share resources and hearty laughter with, while creating a massive ripple effect of heart consciousness, compassion, and joy in the world by embodying and sharing the power of joy, play, and fun.


  • A full year of the Awesomeness Academy with unlimited access to all programs, modules, resources, content, 2x/mo. playshops, and 2x/mo. group coaching calls (Sold separately above, you'd invest $2400 for this alone --not to mention your all-access pass to my $125,000 vault of joyful success and business trainings, resources, and tools.)  
  • All access passes to up to FOUR LIVE IN-PERSON RETREATS in the next 12 months! Yes, that's right, the Sedona Wealth Wizardry retreat plus three more retreats between May 2018 and May 2019 are INCLUDED as part of the Awesomeness Inner Circle. Your only costs will be lodging and transportation to get there (and some meals, varies per retreat). This means you have multiple options to attend the topic, location, and dates that work best for your flow -- and you're welcome to attend any of the retreats more than once, if you choose -- however you'd like to use your 4 All-Access passes. (Sold separately, you'd invest $10,000 plus travel and lodging for this alone! If you know up front that you do not wish to attend any of the live retreats, you may swap out your 4 retreat passes for four private coaching sessions instead - a $2,500 value. However, you must communicate your request in writing prior to the first retreat.)  
  • A private coaching Joyful Business Strategy Day - where we dial in your personalized business model, marketing message, most joyful path of "marketing" by having the most fun possible, and your customized Daily Awesomeness Habits that will best support you in staying in the flow of your greatest impact and income. (This is not sold separately; it's available only for my private coaching clients and apprentices who invest $10,000 - $25,000 for ongoing private coaching)  
  • Monthly group coaching sessions to integrate the learning from each retreat, support you in implementing your business model, marketing strategies, and revenue generation, deepen your mastery of Quantum PlayTM techniques, and strengthen your connections with your peers. ($6,000 value).  

Total Value: $23,500 + Access to my $125,000 Vault + Lifelong Friendships with Your Tribe of Leading Edge Creators and Revolutionary Leaders (Priceless)  

INVESTMENT: $7,500 (payment plans available)

INNER CIRCLE ENROLLMENT IS BY APPLICATION ONLY -- so we can speak on the phone / Zoom and ensure this is the best fit for both of us before we commit to spending the year together ;) -- as well as answer any questions you may have about the schedule, retreats, your vision, logistics, etc. 

"I just closed a $19,000 contract doing exactly the work that I most love to do, in total ease and flow, and it felt effortless! When I first started my business I had a big vision and lots of ideas, but I was doing what I thought I HAD to do to be successful and it felt so stressful. Working with Anne, I've learned how to create my business MY way – (honoring my own style of creation, which includes sitting in the grass, taking naps and tons of self-care) I have so much more ease and acceptance of myself and I’m no longer efforting in my business -- I just get to be me and ask "how much ease am I willing to allow?".  

~ LaRita Jarvis, Chief Innovation Officer, LaRita Jarvis & co,

"What's awesome about working with Anne is how much we laugh -- and she gives me tough love, never being mean, unlike some coaches who aren't that nice. (I can be hard on myself. I don't need to pay someone to be hard on me.)

With Anne I always feel like like she's 1000% on my side, in my corner, and truly wants me to succeed. She's incredibly insightful and intuitive, and always gets me back on track to stay focused on what's really important.

I wanted to be more clear and concise when giving my 60-second elevator/intro speech to talk about how my public speaking coaching can and does make an impact on my clients. Anne helped me with the inner work and the "what to say and to whom" so that I now feel so incredibly confident about what my coaching program is about. I feel so much more confident and definitely like THE expert in public speaking. This is what I needed to create the constant stream of leads and paying clients for my profitable coaching business!"

~ Julie Ostrow, JulieOstrow.com

" I've changed so much... I used to be so worried about how I looked, how I came across, and always having an "agenda" to grow my business instead of just relaxing and enjoying my life. I still have the same passion for growing my business, but I've found a new me -- the real me. I've created over a million dollars in revenue but most importantly I've got my power back, I'm no longer depressed and stressed out, and I'm letting myself have fun with it all."  

-- R. R.

Why Wealth Wizardry?

Hi, I'm Anne Rose Hart. Eight years ago I bet everything on the idea that I'd be able to figure out how to create a joyful prosperous life for myself by following my bliss. Driven by a powerful call to live my purpose and make a difference in the world, I thought, "how hard can it be?" -- inspired by spiritual teachings and law of attraction messages that made it sound so simple. 

My marriage had just ended, my son was one, I had $1000 in my checking account, and I was fiercely determined to not get a job and put my son in daycare just to pay the bills for some unfulfilling work ... so it was sink or swim, evolve or die, figure it out or else.

I was first guided to start a laughter club and laugh with people on a frequent basis - to create high-vibe bliss states in my body and create a structure for me to choose joy consistently. 


Then... leading joy retreats, traveling, speaking, and coaching private clients. Over the years my joy compass has consistently guided me, showing me exactly how abundance flows when I'm in my flow of highest excitement and valuing my preferences -- and how it diminishes if I lose faith, hold back, play small, or slip into thinking I should be more like someone else.  

The healing power of joy, I discovered, comes from valuing myself enough to choose what's in my heart -- for therein lies the joy, the highest excitement, and the fierce boundaries that prioritize my unique destiny path no matter what -- and this is where the money is, too.  

Turns out that creating the life of joyful freedom and financial abundance wasn't quite as speedy as I'd imagined when I started (note: it always takes longer than you think. Which means... start NOW.) But the path has always led to exactly the growth experiences I need to become more fully myself -- which is the freedom I actually yearned for in the first place. And it's led to multiple years of six-figure business revenue and growing, as I create the joy empire that's my soul's calling and destiny.

I don't believe in chasing money for the sake of getting rich, nor do I believe that living your purpose requires you to eschew a desire to get rich.  

What I do know is that every one of us has a unique calling and contribution, and that financial freedom is part of our destiny -- if we choose to claim and create it. And for us to make the contribution we were born to make, we need to know how to manifest and magnetize the financial resources we need to do our soul's work -- joyfully, freely, and abundantly.

My joy compass is now guiding me to share what I've learned about the inner work and the action steps required to create consistent six-figure years by "following your bliss", sharing YOUR unique contribution and gifts, and bringing JOY and play to your own work and message.

Our world is screaming for more of us to show up as leaders, to usher in a new paradigm of consciousness, to unleash our own creative potential to be and to create innovative solutions to the challenges we face. We are all hurtling through the cosmos together on spaceship earth and we've got to learn how to get along -- with ourselves, with each other, and with our beautiful planet -- or, well, we're screwed.

Which means two things: 

1) We've got to PLAY together more, and remember how to transcend our differences and come together for creative problem-solving in ways that unite us -- which is why you are being guided to bring play into YOUR work, because it's the superpower that cuts through discord and stress like a hot knife through butter.

2) YOUR unique gifts and talents are needed right now. The life experiences that have brought you to this place, have positioned you to step up as a leader, to do your part, to play your note in the symphony of life. We need you, whether you feel "ready" or not. And play is going to help you develop your gifts and genius more swiftly than you can imagine.

As the saying goes, "God doesn't call the prepared. God prepares those who are called". And this is a space for preparing -- learning the foundational skills needed to show up for your mission and most joyful life -- and learning how to bring playfulness and joy to others, too.

What I've discovered is that both joy and wealth are powerful medicines for our own healing, which is the only place from which we can transform our world. And for any of us to create fulfilling lives of meaning and purpose, we have got to learn how to rewire our nervous systems to a "new normal" -- a way of being that lives from joy and abundance, not stress and struggle.

Well, duh... right? And yet we perpetuate the collective addiction to struggle and lack, living out unconscious habits and patterns embedded in our nervous systems and the consensus reality in which we are living -- until we learn how to do it differently.

This retreat in the magical red rocks of Angel Valley, is about learning and practicing new ways of being, conditioning your nervous system with new choices and patterns, and learning the foundational skills to help others do the same, in the most fun, most effective, most powerful way -- which means face-to-face, heart-to-heart, out in nature, moving your body, playing with your tribe. 

You've got to do it yourself, and you can't do it alone.

Here's the message that came through for this retreat: "You are more powerful creators than you realize. Fierce Joy Wealth Wizardry is about upleveling your body-mind vessel into a way of living and creating that you used to call "superhuman". The new species is emerging through you, for you, and as you, right now, as the new normal. Angel Valley is the soul playground you've been dreaming of - a high-frequency sanctuary where you will learn to soar on full wingspan as the fullest expression of you, with your soulmate friends and tribe celebrating with you, as you step into your power and discover creative ways in which you'll do the same for others. The question is, how awesome are you willing to let your life become?"

It's your time, my friend... see you in Angel Valley!

"I was working on getting out of debt when I started doing the Wealth Wizardry work with Anne. Within weeks I received an unexpected check for $5,000, and then received a huge contract from a business that let me pay off almost $15,000 of debt instantly. The biggest thing, though, is that now that I feel like I have my money handled, I can focus on other things. I took a vacation, have been writing, visiting friends, and having more energy for my relationship. I no longer work late nights and then resent my clients, and my overwhelm is gone. All of Anne's practices have had a huge impact on my life."

— S.J.

"I lost everything in my business, my wife said she was leaving me, and I had a heart attack. I started working with Anne at rock bottom. A year later, I've saved my marriage, gotten my confidence back, made nearly a million dollars in my business, and most importantly, I've got the kind, loving, "joy to be around" ME back. Trust me, Anne's approach works. I'd probably have had another heart attack and be divorced by this time, without all the tools she's given me."  

-- R.R.

" I used to be so stressed about getting clients and making money, it was affecting my relationship with my partner, and I was not enjoying my new business at all. I wondered if I should just go back and get a job. Anne's Awesomeness practices have totally helped me to get out of my own way and learn how to let it be easy. What's funny is that I just enrolled another ideal client last week and it felt so easy and natural that I forgot to even mention it! I guess that's a sign that everything has shifted -- the thing that used to be hardest for me (clients and money) is now the easiest."  

-- L. J.

Wealth Wizardry is the first in a series of Fierce Joy Retreats, for smart, creative women ready to create a life of joyful freedom and creative contribution:

YOUR JOYFUL GENIUS : UNLEASH YOUR AUTHENTIC AWESOMENESS: June 21-24, 2018 in Jackson Hole, Wyoming. For smart, creative, awakened women ready to step into your purpose, contribution, and JOY with confidence and clarity --and create $5-10k income months (and beyond) in the flow of your creative contribution. Clarify your unique joyful genius, identify your purposeful contribution project or business model aligned with your strengths and natural aptitudes. Craft the offer that makes your "work" feel like play, dial in your marketing message and sweet spot pricing so that your creative genius and passion is eagerly received and valued by your ideal clients, and leave with a crystal clear focus and foundation for your joyful business and leadership next steps. Plus... master the art of sourcing your wisdom from your Joyful Business Guides using the playful power of Quantum PlayTM

STORY OF YOU : MAGNETIZE AUDIENCES WITH YOUR MESSAGE: Jackson Hole, Wyoming, September 20-23, 2018. For transformational leaders being called to take the stage and speak from the heart. Craft your most impactful story that has audiences on the edge of their seats, then learn how to convert listeners into paying clients in a way that's engaging, natural, and irresistible so you can generate massive cashflow from free talks. You will craft your speech, rehearse and unleash your authentic presence and voice, and receive feedback on your speaking so you dial in your message before you leave, feel ready to rock your talk, show up comfortable and confident on stage, and know WHERE you're going to speak! (Workshops? Conferences? Webinars & podcasts? You'll clarify... where does your ideal target audience hang out?) Plus... you'll learn my favorite Quantum PlayTM practices for showing up on stage in your authentic power and voice, no matter how nervous you might be -- you'll love these power practices! 

"And above all, watch with glittering eyes the whole world around you because the greatest secrets are always hidden in the most unlikely places. Those who don't believe in magic will never find it." ~ Roald Dahl

"I love how you listen so intently on just about every one of my words…to the point where you have said many times, “Let’s go back to that for a moment. Let’s dive a bit deeper on X.” Going deeper like that with you has helped me feel lighter and I feel like my mind is clear of a bunch of those cobwebs of nonsensical, distracted thinking. You have helped me stay focused on my one main thing. I absolutely loved how during our calls, text conversations, or emails that you reminded me to come back to that one main goal. And, the most important element in that is that you helped me and guided me to ACTUAL steps for ME to take for MY business. Oh, and I am so incredibly grateful that you get my purpose. You get the need for humor and laughter within my business. Laughing with my business coach? Absolutely!!! Bless you for being you…and for being my coach." 

"I have worked with many coaches, healers, and therapists over the years and was very skeptical about laughing and playing during the process. I thought “no way.” But what happened just blew my mind. I have never experienced such a powerful shift in energy so immediately. I am in awe of what has happened during our time together."

— Tony Drew 

"I was so surprised. I knew Anne was about joy and awesomeness, but I'm not a joyful person and didn't really resonate with those words. The processes she shared with me were really fun and tapped into a part of me I didn't even know was there. I learned so much about how much I was creating my identity from my expertise and being "smart" at the expense of my artistic spirit. I ended up feeling so inspired and light, I'm amazed." - T. L.

"I connected with how my body feels, the sensations, and beliefs that come from my higher power and it just helps me to know when to cut the crap literally. The process wasn’t easy, it’s not for the faint of heart, but it’s so worth it.”  

— Megan King YourAdventurousLife.com 

"Anne helped me get in touch with my divine self so in-tunely, that I was able to create my entire book and online program while sitting in my local gym’s steam room. I'm not a writer, but it came to me with complete effortlessness! I’m not even sure how Anne helped me connect with my divine essence so effortlessly, but I bet it had something to do with laughter and her always helping me see the good in anything and everything that was going on in my life. We laughed about things I never thought I could laugh about, and it totally changed my perspective instantly!  

The biggest shift that I’ve experienced is that I no longer live and act from my head as much as I do from my heart. Her ability and incorporation of laughter and play into everything she does really helps me get out of my logical brain and act in alignment with my divine essence and joy way more than being logical ever did!

– Lacey Broussard laceybroussard.com


I'm flying into Phoenix. How do I get there? 

There's a shuttle between Phoenix airport and Angel Valley retreat center. Click here for the details. When you register for the event, you'll also be connected with other participants for potential ride-sharing options and communication about such logistics. It's a 2 hour drive from Phoenix airport to the retreat center. Plan your travel so you can arrive by 5:00 p.m on April 30.

I know that bringing in play into my own work is totally going to help me take my own business to the next level! I need the playfulness for myself, and I need it for my clients. So what will this look like at the retreat - is this also a Quantum PlayTM training or am I learning playful techniques to adapt for my own work or what?  

Yes and yes. The Wealth Wizardry retreat will first be for YOU and your own path of unique contribution and wealth, as alignment is at the heart of everything. Then, as your path becomes more clear, you'll be getting inspired ideas about how your want to bring playfulness into your own work and offerings, and we'll weave it all together on day 3 so you've got specific applications of the Quantum PlayTM techniques - adapted for your own work and message. Since so much of the power of play IS the co-creative aspect, you'll be delighted to discover what is born that's inspired by the foundational practices -- and is truly your own creation!

I totally have to be there! And ... I don't have the money. Help?  

If you are resonating with the frequency of this gathering, your soul is guiding you here for a reason that is much bigger than you and I know. And when you're in alignment, the money flows too. 

1) Decide and commit to be here. 

2) Tune in, ask your guidance, get curious. Listen and meditate daily as the path reveals itself.  

3) Make a list of 10 ways you could create cash right now. Call someone and ask for a referral for your work or services. Sell something on Craigslist. Ask someone for a loan. Apply for credit. Hold a bake sale. List all of the skills and talents you have and think about who needs those, and offer them every day until someone takes you up on it. 

The way that you get yourself to the retreat is the same way you are going to create your own wealth -- by being incredibly resourceful, creative, and persistent to create your desired outcomes. You are being guided to dig deep into yourself and discover a part of you that's been lying dormant, swimming in a pool of learned helplessness. That gets to end now... what a gift!

Always, always the money comes AFTER the decision and the commitment. "Leap and the net will appear" is not just a nice saying, it's going to become your way of life.

Can you allow yourself to RECEIVE a miracle? Can you let yourself trust that when you honor your heart, life can actually work for you? It's a new normal. If not this, then what is it that will really light your spark enough to decide to create a new pattern of being based on trusting your joy compass? You're creating your life. What you allow, is what you receive.  

Let this retreat be the laboratory in which you build the muscle of trusting the invisible, listening to your heart, and following your joy compass, and prepare to expect miracles.

Okay, I've got to know... What is Quantum PlayTM and what in the world is the Mojo DojoTM?  

Quantum PlayTM is a transformational modality that incorporates playful movement, playful mindet, and deep inquiry to rewire your nervous system, integrate energy shifts, and access your whole body intelligence and intuition. 

Your body functions as an antenna and receiver of information from the infinite quantum field of universal intelligence, and as you learn how to ask powerful questions and play with the energy, you discover that you can know anything that you want to know, using this technique. 

You will learn specific Quantum PlayTM exercises to help you discern between intuition and fear, your deepest wisdom and your ego, and practices to help you make decisions effectively and swiftly with confidence. 

Plus, Quantum PlayTM moves dense energy out of your body, as you do deep inner work and release limiting beliefs, to uplevel your system into a higher vibrational frequency.

The Mojo DojoTM is the virtual playground with seven specific steps, or stations, that correlate with the principles of conscious creation. Once you know this process, you can create anything you choose with your life (given that you let go of control about how and when it shows up!). 

The Mojo DojoTM combines intention, inquiry, and physical movement through a series of stations, to source your own wisdom. 

The Angel Valley retreat center, with its energy vortexes and sacred spaces throughout, provides the perfect environmental context and outer realm for the inner process and flow of the Mojo DojoTM experience.

I have no idea how I'm going to translate my joy, my passion, and my ideas into actual money that pays the bills, and this "wizardry" thing sounds a bit like magical thinking. It all sounds fun and all, but I'm a little nervous about investing in something this airy-fairy when I really just need to know how I'm going to create real money and a real business.  

Exactly. And yes, you will need a smart business strategy to translate your gifts into cashflow -- which we will dive into during the Joyful Genius, Joyful Business retreat in June. However, unless you have the proper mindset and foundational principles for understanding how to truly create wealth, you'll find that you just get busy (and stressed out) doing the work, without creating the energetic, emotional, and mental foundation from which your actions really get results. 

Some say that 90% of success is mindset, 10% is action. I say that 90% is energetic, embodiment, and mindset -- the vibrational frequency of your nervous system which expresses itself in thoughts and words, and 10% is the action that arises from that. 

It's the BEING and the DOING. We need both, but unless your DOING is sourced from your deep creativity and joy, you'll just create more stress, overwhelm, and struggle -- another joyless J.O.B.

You may wish to consider joining the Inner Circle, which will give you the full series of Fierce Joy retreats this year plus a personalized business strategy day, monthly coaching support, and the entire vault of Awesomeness Academy trainings, so you can receive the full year of support as you master the art of creating "something" out of "nothing" in a way that pays the bills and generates abundant income for you. The Wealth Wizardry retreat is foundational, AND there are more steps and skills to master.

How do I get certified as a Quantum PlayTM facilitator?  

When you attend the Fierce Joy Wealth Wizardry retreat in Sedona, you'll have the option to the join the Awesomeness Inner Circle to develop your playful business over the course of the year -- and you'll also have the option to participate as an apprentice as I continue to develop the Quantum PlayTM certification curriculum this year. The official Quantum PlayTM certification program will be held in spring 2019. 

I want to bring more play and joy into my work, but I work with a lot of men. How do I maintain the credibility and expertise that gives me authority to work with these high-powered males AND still bring in the fun and joy?  

Understanding the principles behind the play lets you make the techniques your own, customized to your audience, using your own creativity. Part of the retreat experience allows for you to tap into your own creativity and meld the principles with your own business, message, style, and audience, so you bring your own unique expression of play into the work that you were born to do. When you are tuned into your own creative genius, in an environment and with a mentor who draws forth the playful spirit within you, you will discover that you know exactly how to communicate and play in a way that's authentic and effective for your own path of greatness, contribution, and impact.

You CAN make the "leap" into your unique contribution, purpose, and joyful leadership... by harnessing the power of play.

You CAN create and receive the financial freedom you desire - by trusting your heart, following the energy, and sharing the joy.

You CAN do business YOUR WAY - in total alignment with your soul, your pace, and your unique genius - as you inspire others to play with their lives, too.

Let me show you how.

About Anne


Anne Rose Hart is known as a Joyful Genius for her pioneering work in the field of human potential and applied neurophysiology over last decade.

As the creator of the revolutionary Quantum PlayTM method for personal transformation, Anne uses playful mindset, playful movement, deep inquiry, and the energy of joy to help transformational leaders to unleash their Awesomeness and creative power as joyful agents of change. 

With clients in 15 countries and counting, Anne draws from her diverse background as a skydiving instructor, triathlete, barrel racer, historian, web developer, jazz pianist, leader of global joy retreats, laughter yogi, occasional raw foodist, and human potential junkie to inspire others to challenge the status quo, dare to do the impossible, and rise above "ordinary" to change the world.