Want to get paid to travel the world sharing your passion and joy? 

Create Your Profitable Retreat!


This playbook was lovingly designed to help joyful leaders create, fill, and lead your first retreat... enjoy! 


* How to create, price, and fill your retreat so you can get paid well to share your passion and joy

* The three essential preparation and messaging steps to magnetize people to your retreat 

* Three factors to consider when pricing your retreat so you can create a profit on your event

* 7 ways to promote and market your retreat so you have a clear roadmap for connecting with those who will want to attend your retreat

* Create an unstoppable mindset so you show up with confidence and clarity in your both your marketing and how you facilitate the retreat

Teton Retreat


  • Your work is around transformation, joy, or wellness, and you know that leading retreats is a key way in which you want to serve your clients and facilitate life-changing transformation. 
  • You want to travel to beautiful destinations and get paid well to share your gifts and empower others to live their best lives.
  • You don't just want a "hobby" business doing retreats; you want to show up for your destiny and your calling -- and you know you've got to step up in a bigger way... now.
Maui 2014
  • You want to lead a retreat within the next 12-18 months, and just need a roadmap to help you pull this off. 
  • You know you're here with a bigger purpose and mission and are tired of saying that "someday" you'd like to lead a retreat. 
  • You already have an idea for a destination retreat but could use some help figuring out how to price and fill it. 
  • You want to show up in service to something greater than yourself, get out of your own way, and do the work you were born to do! 
  • You want to see how another laughter leader and joy coach has created and filled destination retreats in Jackson Hole, Maui, and Thailand and get the inside scoop on what it takes.


Hi, I'm Anne Rose Hart, and this program is the playbook that I wish I’d had when I was first starting out. I knew I wanted to facilitate destination joy retreats, but didn't have a clue how to start. Without a “how to” manual, I winged it, figured it out, and pulled it off by trusting my heart – and the wisdom I’ve gained from the five retreats I’ve led in the first four years of my business is what I’ve been inspired to share with you here!  

This program was born while I was leading my Joy Retreat in Thailand for the second year in a row. While there, I was sitting there enjoying a fresh coconut (with this view from my breakfast table) and suddenly knew that I had to create this guide for everyone else who dreams of getting paid to travel the world sharing your passion and your gifts, too. Not long ago, that was me, with just a big vision and not a clue how to do it, and now that I’m living my dream -- leading life-changing and successful destination retreats in Jackson Hole (twice), Thailand (twice), and Maui – I can’t help but share what I’ve learned along the way.  

Thailand Breakfast

I first got lit up with the idea of creating transformational retreats in 2010, which launched my own journey of “following my bliss,” bringing my dream into reality, and discovering what it takes to become a successful entrepreneur. I dreamed of leading Joy Retreats around the world, uniting people through the universal language of laughter, and inspiring and empowering others to live in joy by following their dreams, too.  

Teton Retreat

I didn’t have experience leading retreats or organizing group travel. I didn’t have a background in facilitating groups. I had no successful business experience. I had no guide or mentor. I’d never even been to a retreat, to know what a retreat “should” entail! But what I had was a lot of passion, enthusiasm, and a willingness to transform my “but I don’t know how!” lack of experience into an “I WILL FIGURE OUT HOW” can-do attitude. This playbook is the result of lots of trial and error, lots of experimenting, and a whole lot of fun -- and fear -- along the way.  


What They're Saying...

"We used Anne's playbook to create our first international destination retreat to Mexico, and couldn't have done it without it... it was so helpful to organize our thoughts and plans and get our dream out of our head and into reality! It was the best feeling in the world to be laughing on the beach and living our dream. We did it!" 

"I was so freaked out that nobody would show up for my first retreat. Thankfully I had Anne guiding me through the process because otherwise I would have chickened out and canceled it. But I stuck with it and ended up getting to facilitate the most amazing retreat, with heart-opening transformation that changed us all, myself included. I'm so, so glad that I followed through with doing this retreat. Yes, people showed up, and yes, I learned so much. It forced me to step into leadership in a way that feels empowering and authentic and I'm so glad that I did!"

"If you want rockin' advice and a healthy dose of passion and enthusiasm creating your adventure and retreat dreams Anne is a must!!! She will light up your desire and align you with all that is the heart and soul of your business. She gets to the bare bones of your message to help make it marketable to the masses, she asks questions that make you ponder the who, what, and whys of your target audience so you can get clear about what you are offering, and supports every step with laughter and a lightness that deeply anchors your "I've totally got this" mojo. If you want to go big and take your business and life to new levels Anne's expertise should be in your rock star tool box. The Retreat Leaders Playbook and Anne's help made all the difference and I just rocked my first international retreat, woo hoo!"

"It was a lot harder than I thought to actually DO my first international retreat -- I had so many fears come up that I almost quit many times. Fortunately Anne has a gift for the mindset work that kept me going and now I've led a gorgeous retreat with such fun people participating and it was just huge for me to actually go through with it. It's really indispensable to have this support and way of staying focused ... definitely a must-have for anyone wanting to lead their first retreat!"

"Create Your Profitable Retreat" Playbook: 

The essential program for transformational leaders with a joyful mission to get paid to travel the world sharing your passion and joy!

Complete Program : $97

Anne Rose Hart is known as a Joyful Genius for her pioneering work in the field of human potential and applied neurophysiology over the last decade.  

As the creator of the revolutionary Quantum Play method for personal transformation, Anne uses playful mindset, playful movement, deep inquiry, and the energy of joy to help evolutionary leaders to unleash their Awesomeness and creative power as joyful agents of change.  

With clients in 15 countries and counting, Anne draws from her diverse background as a skydiving instructor, triathlete, barrel racer, historian, web developer, jazz pianist, leader of global joy retreats, laughter yogi, occasional raw foodist, and human potential junkie to inspire others to challenge the status quo, dare to do the impossible, and rise above "ordinary" to change the world.