If you're a powerful woman trying to get your purposeful business to become profitable...

Stop asking "Who will pay me for this?" and start owning your vision, value, and voice 

FREE LIVE ONLINE EVENT March 5 , 2019 8 am PT / 10 am ET / 4 pm UK 

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If your soul inspired business isn't yet generating the income you desire, what's missing is ...YOU.

This live online event is part energetic activation, part webinar, part soul-family reunion. You'll receive mindset shifts, evolutionary context for the deeper WHY you're in your current situation, journaling prompts, and embodiment exercises, in this real-time transformational experience to support you in:  

  • taking a fierce stand for your VISION  
  • standing in your power and liberating the stored energy from your shadow, so you can fully own your VALUE and manifest the resources you need to bring your soul vision into fruition  
  • using the inherent authority in your VOICE in a way that inspires people to eagerly sign up for what you're offering  


* Illuminate the top ten ways you've unconsciously trained others to NOT value you, your vision, and your calling, no matter how much success you've achieved in your previous work -- and learn how to magnetize paying clients by embodying your value. 

* Learn why your marketing, website, branding, and speaking haven't brought in the revenue you desire -- and the four pillars of the Joyful Genius model to create your inner foundation so those efforts can work for you, instead of draining and depleting your energy.

* See the bigger picture of your vision and the specific challenges you're facing right now, within the broader context of the evolution of your soul and of humanity, so you can be more skillful and vastly more effective in how you navigate your current situation.

* Discover the surprising answer to "who will pay me for this?" when you shift your perspective in this grounding and playful way and learn how to use your voice to influence and inspire action. 

* Learn how to source your business strategy from the artistry of your soul, so you can put your work out there and feel the satisfaction of having your message valued and received by people who can't wait to sign up for what you're offering.

 If your purpose work isn't yet profitable, it's because you've evolved beyond the rules of the game you're still trying to play. 

Sure, there are *some* things you'll leverage from the success you've created in your previous endeavors. BUT... you've entered a new stage of your soul's evolution -- and doing business is different here, too.

The first step is stepping back from the horizontal or DOING axis of achieving -- the learning, watching webinars, going to trainings, investing in marketing, figuring out strategy -- and "going vertical", along the BEING axis of aligment. Among other things, this requires you to expand your self-identity -- and how you perceive the role and requirements of your business -- into embodying a cosmic and global worldview (vastly beyond your personal self and egoic needs), to identify as a co-creative partner in a cosmic evolutionary flow that is much, much, larger than yourself. 

You're already doing it -- You're motivated by purpose, contribution, healing our world, and making a difference -- not money for money's sake. You recognize that money is simply a way to measure your impact -- a metric that mirrors back to you how much you're truly valuing your soul-inspired vision and the body-mind vessel gifted with birthing it.  

But the money isn't flowing yet, which means you're being called to fully embody this knowing, and let every cell of your glorious being radiate the illuminated presence and inspired impact that's wanting to emerge through you -- in the grounded, specific practicalities of business, messaging, marketing, and money.

If you've been gifted with an enormous paradigm-shifting vision, have been busting your ass to bring it into fruition, and you feel like you've hit a wall ... you're in the right place. :) 


  • You've invested tens of thousands of dollars into creating your purpose-driven business over the last several years and.... *crickets*. Uh oh. 
  • You KNOW this work is your soul's calling, and you've done the work to build the infrastructure, but when you look at the results you're getting, you have to wonder... am I really on the right track? 
  • You're a high-achiever, accustomed to creating excellence in everything you create, so this looming gap in your track record is really making you question yourself and everything you've worked so hard to create.
  • You're highly self-aware and have done a ton of work on yourself. You KNOW how to run a successful business. There is no reason you shouldn't be experiencing wild success, given the importance of your work and the clarity of your vision. So... WTF?

You're a visionary committed to contributing to the healing of our world. 

It's time to activate your magnetism -- by owning your vision, value, and voice.


Mark your calendar for Tuesday, March 5

Clients Say...

"I got more out of my first session with Anne than I did from an entire year of business coaching with my previous coach and their team. Other coaches have been helpful in their own "in the box" way, but not inspiring me enough to take action.  

Anne is not an ordinary business coach; she also speaks to the the spiritual, emotional, and energetic aspects of my vision.  

I wanted to feel the excitement about my business again, and it's been mind-blowing to see what's happened just in the first month of working together.  

I was looking at what felt like an impossible situation with a problem employee and two affiliates and it resolved itself almost effortlessly within two weeks.  

Anne saw the bigger vision that I wasn't fully stepping into, and speaks to the deeper truth of my mission like nobody else in my world can.  

She doesn't hold back, and I can count on her to give me honest feedback about my blind spots.  

The alignment work has made such a difference, it's healing my past and moving me forward with powerful energy shifts. I was trying to be a good business owner but not taking care of myself in the way that I needed to.  

Before we began, I wondered if I really even needed a coach. Now I'm wondering how I ever got along without this."  

~ E. B.

"Have you introduced me to magic?  


I am blown away by the power of this work.  

I encourage anyone to spend time playing with Anne and expect a sea of wonderful changes to follow."  

L. P.  

"I was so skeptical about working with yet another coach that would cost me a lot of money and I still wouldn't get results. I was disillusioned and tired of always feeling stressed about money. I just wanted my business to feel fun again -- and I needed to double my income.  

Now, I am beyond ecstatic about the results I'm getting - I just had my first $10,000 month, and enrolled two more clients last week! I now have a clear focus and direction for the next three months and beyond, and I'm loving how good it feels to be doing only what I love.  

I am so, so happy -- probably happier than I've ever been in my entire life. I've learned so much from Anne in such a short time, not only from what she teaches but how she lives it and shows, by her example, a fresh way of doing business."  

~ S. B.

"I had hit a wall in my business and was frustrated at my lack of momentum, wondering if there was even a market for my services and how in the world to get people to pay me for something they didn't yet know they needed. 

What I learned from Anne was how get out of the masculine way of doing things that had been my approach for as long as I could remember. I needed to understand and implement a more feminine approach – relaxing, trusting my intuition, getting into the space of creativity, experiencing “flow” more often, having fun with it. 

Anne authentically embodies this way of life and business, which helped me to do the same. Even more importantly was how she saw and named my gifts, which was incredibly affirming and gave me the confidence to put it all out there.

Now, I am learning to surrender, to trust my intuition, to be ok not having the answers or seeing the path clearly. I just signed two new coaching clients. I’m creating the content for my online course which I love doing, I was just asked to speak at my former university about my work, I'm spending a month in Europe just for fun, and I'm going paragliding and hot-air ballooning -- two bucket list items!  

What I feel is not only joy but balance. I’m not so crazed anymore. I’m delegating to my marketing/tech team. I’m doing the things I love to do and am good at. I’m saying no to what doesn’t work for me. I have time for my family and friends. I have time for me."  

~ L. W. 


Anne Rose Hart, MA, Founder of Embody U, is a uniquely gifted, playful, and compassionate teacher and student of life, intensely curious about optimal human performance and peak experiences since she climbed to the roof of her grandfather’s house at 18 months of age. Her years of experimenting with intentional laughter, play, and flow states in the context of self-actualization, energy healing, and consciousness studies led to the emergence of QUANTUM PLAYTM , Anne's somatic and holistic practice for unleashing power and potential and living in flow.  

With clients & students in 15 countries and counting, Anne draws from her diverse background as a biplane wing-walker, skydiving instructor, triathlete, jazz pianist, scuba diver, barrel racer, historian, web developer, leader of global joy retreats, laughter yogi, occasional raw foodist, and human potential junkie to inspire leaders to challenge the status quo, dare to do the impossible, and rise above “ordinary” to co-create a more compassionate, inclusive, and sustainable world.