Monetize Your Movement ... with Joy!

Stop wondering "who will pay me for this?" and start creating five-figure months on repeat, by unleashing your Joyful Genius money-makin' superpowers! 

Monetize Your Movement ... with Fierce Joy! 

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Free online training with Anne Rose Hart Includes Instant Free Download : "Monetize Your Movement" Map and Financial Fourplay journaling prompts to create clients and cashflow with so much more joy and ease!


* Learn the simple, most important practice to ensure you design your life and business in 100% alignment with your unique creative genius and joy... 

 ... without sacrificing your soul just to "get the money" which feels horrible and doesn't work anyway. 

* Discover the Joyful Genius Financial Fourplay -- the four key questions you must answer to stop wondering "who will pay me for this" and magnetize your ideal clients and audience who value what you bring and can't wait to hire you...

... without creating just another J.O.B. that requires you to trade dollars for hours.

* Explore the 3 questions that help you identify the business model that lets you be at your best -- so you can stop chasing "expert" marketing strategies, dial in the "invisible" qualities that make you awesome, and serve your soulmate clients in the way that you were born to do... 

...without feeling weird about "selling" your magic.

  * Make marketing most effective by gettin' real, having fun, and following your bliss... 

... so you're not trying to "convince" people to buy your services.

* Experience the power of Quantum PlayTM to access the courage, imagination, clarity, and boldness you need to break through into a new way of being...

... so you're creating cash from Flow, not force -- from play, not "push."


  • You're a smart, highly self-aware woman feeling called to create a business that expresses your full potential and will transform countless lives, but you can't quit your job and make the leap until you know how you're going to replace your income and translate your gifts and skills into consistent cashflow
  • You've been making some money from your purposeful business, but not consistently and not enough -- and you're ready to crack this "making money out of thin air" thing -- in a way that feels light and expansive in your body, and your life!
  • You know you're capable of creating consistent $10,000+ months and even much more, but... how? How do you get there from here? You sense you've got to let go of control and get into your flow, but what does that look like in business?
  • You don't want to just create another J.O.B. where work feels like "work." You want the joyful freedom of doing what you love, on your own schedule, on your terms. You're ready for the JOY, so every day feels like a Sunday.
  • You're smart, a quick-learner, and an action taker who can "run with it" when you get the tools and frameworks you need. (This is for you... ready set GO!)

You've got a big vision, and you're here to co-create a higher level of consciousness on the planet -- more inclusive, compassionate, mindful, sustainable, and heart-centered.  

It's time to create the money and joyful freedom you need to live your soul's purpose, yes? 

Rave Reviews:

"I just closed a $19,000 contract doing exactly the work that I most love to do, in total ease and flow, and it felt effortless! 

When I first started my business I had a big vision and lots of ideas, but I was doing what I thought I HAD to do to be successful and it felt so stressful. It was affecting my relationship with my boyfriend, and I was not enjoying my new business at all. I wondered if I should just go back and get a job.  

 Working with Anne, I've learned how to create my business MY way – (honoring my own style of creation, which includes sitting in the grass, taking naps and tons of self-care).  

I have so much more ease and acceptance of myself and I’m no longer efforting in my business -- I just get to be me and ask "how much ease am I willing to allow?".  

~ LaRita Jarvis, Chief Innovation Officer, Jarvis & Co.  

"I feel like my mind is clear of a bunch of cobwebs of nonsensical, distracted thinking. You've helped me stay focused on the one main thing that actually creates money for my business -- and to take the ACTUAL STEPS for MY business that has now led to me being invited to speak, new prospects coming to ME, and a new client that showed up in a much, much easier way than I'd been trying. 

And... I am so incredibly grateful that you get my purpose, and that you bring in the humor and laughter into the process. Laughing with my business coach? Absolutely!" 

-- Julie Ostrow

Anne Rose Hart is the "go to" expert for revolutionary leaders ready to monetize their movement and create consistent five-figure months doing the work that feels like play.

Known as The Joyful Genius for her pioneering work in the field of human potential and applied neurophysiology over the last decade, Anne works with smart, highly self-aware women to translate their gifts and skills into consistent income, with profound joy, ease, and flow.  

As the creator of the revolutionary Quantum Play method for personal transformation, Anne uses deep inquiry, play, hearty laughter, and tough love to support paradigm-shifting change agents to step into their power and create their unique soul-aligned path to financial freedom -- from the inside out. 

With clients in 15 countries and counting, Anne draws from her diverse background as a skydiving instructor, triathlete, barrel racer, historian, web developer, jazz pianist, leader of global joy retreats, laughter yogi, occasional raw foodist, and human potential junkie to inspire others to challenge the status quo, dare to do the impossible, and rise above "ordinary" to change the world.