Create space for miracles in 2020!

Download the free "Eyes of Awe" Year in Review Playbook:


The "Eyes of Awe" 2019 Year in Review Playbook is for you if... 

  • You know there's something bigger at work in your evolution and you'd like the bird's eye view of how to explain this past year
  • there's stuff from 2019 that you don't want to bring forward into 2020
  • you want to love your life even more in 2020
  • you want to look back with NO REGRETS
  • you want to be astonished by the sheer miraculousness of your own being, the perfection of your journey, and the staggering miracle of your own existence

Anne Rose Hart, M.A., is the Genius Whisperer , creator of QUANTUM PLAYTM, and Founder of the UNSTOPPABLE transformational party -- where revolutionary leaders and leading edge creators embody their next level success with radical joy and sustainable flow. With her unique and playful modality, QUANTUM PLAYTM , a somatic and holistic practice for unleashing power and potential by creating flow states, Anne brings together leading edge research from neurophysiology, developmental psychology, quantum physics, energy medicine, and spirituality to help purpose-driven entrepreneurs create joygasmic lives of freedom, wealth, and impact. With clients & &tudents in 15 countries and counting, Anne draws from her diverse background as a biplane wing-walker, skydiving instructor, triathlete, jazz pianist, scuba diver, barrel racer, historian, web developer, leader of global joy retreats, laughter yogi, occasional raw foodist, and human potential junkie to inspire leaders to challenge the status quo, dare to do the impossible, and rise above “ordinary” to co-create a more compassionate, inclusive, and sustainable world.