You're a smart, successful woman with a rich spiritual awareness, a rebellious spirit seeking to untame your soul.

You've achieved professional success, and on the outside people look at you and think "oh, she's got it all together." But on the inside, you know... there's a wild, untamed spirit inside you trying to find its way into full expression.

Your life right now doesn't reflect the richness of who you really are, and some days the gap between where you are now and what you know is possible for you, makes you want to scream.

You look at your life and it feels so... ordinary. Conformist. Blah. And sure, you've created and achieved plenty that you're proud of, but it's nothing compared to the wild, raw freedom that your soul knows is possible for you.

You want it all. You're done settling. You want to unleash that aliveness within you. 

You want to share your gifts and passions in the world in a way that expresses your fullest potential. 

You want to play your note in the symphony of humanity, to know that your very existence is changing the very fabric of our society and the consciousness of our planet because you showed up as your most authentic, most awesome self.

And it's time.

But... how?  

How do you get there from here? 

What does it really take to bring your life into alignment with the whispers in your soul?  

It's time to embody your highest truth and live from your AWESOMENESS.

You yearn to be a vessel for a higher creative power to flow through you -- to let your life be an expression of all that is good, true, and beautiful, yes?  

Alrighty then, that means...LIGHTEN UP AND HAVE MORE FUN, MY FRIENDS! 

What's possible when you master the art of aligning with your Awesomeness? 

  • You can step into the unknown with unstoppable confidence, courage, and unwavering trust in yourself.
  • You learn to use your body as an antenna, receiver, and transmitter of energy and intelligence, learning how to source your clear next steps in the moment even when your mind doesn't know "how" to get there.
  • You discover what your truth FEELS like and learn how to trust your feeling sense instead of trying to figure everything out from your head.
  • You tap into a whole new level of personal power, fierceness, and aliveness that guides you to be the bold visionary change-maker you're here to be NOW, instead of endless preparation, perfectionism, & planning.
  • You tap into the source of more than enough time, more than enough money, more than enough resources, so that you can get on with your soul's mission and purpose without those annoying habits of limited thinking and scarcity mindset.
  • You unleash the full creative power that you are to be the FORCE OF NATURE that you were born to be.
  • You get over the whole "comparison" thing and simply create the artistry in your heart.
  • You get to use your talents, passions, and gifts to do the work you were born to do, and craft your authentic life of freedom, joy, and creative expression!
  • And for heavens' sake, you do what is wildly fun, what nourishes your soul, and play your life and business like a game -- sincere and earnest in your endeavors, but way, way less SERIOUS than you've been. 

If you've been feeling uncertain and unclear, wanting to step into the next level of your purpose and contribution but not sure HOW, don't worry, it's not your fault.

None of us were taught how to live in alignment with our soul -- we are a product of our times, and we're part of a larger shift in consciousness that is calling us all forward into new ways of being.

The intense challenges, chaos, and disruptive nature of our current society are calling us all forward to expand beyond the intellect, reason, and logic we've so keenly developed, to deepen our intuition, expand our sense of interconnectedness, and create a more inclusive world consciousness by mastering the art of :

  •  living with confidence in uncertainty
  •  navigating chaos with grace and ease
  •  staying focused amidst massive distractions
  •  deepening our resilience  

... all of which happen to be my specialty, and I'd love to help!

Hi. I'm Anne Rose Hart.


In 2010 my intuition said "it's time" and I walked away from everything -- my marriage, my doctorate program, everything I knew, to step into the vast unknown -- to follow my heart.

I'd been praying for guidance, desperately meditating in hopes of getting clear on the purpose and path for my life, wondering how in the world to get "there" from "here." 

I KNEW something more was possible -- as a highly educated, smart, capable woman on a spiritual path, I knew that I had gifts and talents to share with the world in a way that contributed to the shift in consciousness underway. But what? How? I didn't know.

The "breadcrumb trail" of clues from my soul led me to start a practice of intentional laughter and play, and after 3 weeks of consistently shifting my physiological, mental, and emotional state in this way, I also experienced a shift in consciousness.  

"If you become silent after your laughter, one day you will hear God also laughing, you will hear the whole existence laughing — trees and stones and stars with you." ~ Osho

As usual, I was meditating and asking for clarity on my purpose and path, and on this day, after laughing and playing and flooding my body with the biochemistry of joy, I received a powerful vision: I saw myself traveling the world, leading joy tours and retreats, laughing and playing with people, helping them unleash their full potential and possibilities through play, and all of us laughing our heads off, having indescribable amounts of fun, collectively upleveling the consciousness of the planet as each of us showed up as our most awesome self.

THAT. Instantly, I knew that was what I was here to do. I didn't have a clue HOW to do it, though. I have a M.A. in History, was in a doctorate program to become a physical therapist, had been doing website development, and was certified as a skydiving jumpmaster... but none of those things seemed to apply to organizing global retreats and leading transformational travel.

So I set out to learn, and to start building the skills I would need to live my purpose.

After another month of laughing and playing as a consistent practice, I woke up with the very clear inner guidance: "now it's time to file for divorce." 

Whaaaaaaaaaa??? I sobbed all day -- huge tears of relief that I finally had clarity around this extremely stressful area of my life, grief for what was being lost, and terror about the unknown.

How would I support myself and my then-one-year-old son? I didn't have a plan -- and I sure as hell wasn't going to get a 9-5 job and put my son in daycare just to pass time on the hamster wheel of "paycheck and benefits" that the mainstream world offers. No, I was hellbent on living my purpose, now that I knew what it was, but I didn't think I'd be asked to take my trust and faith THIS far.

But once again, laughter and play continued to help me create the physical, emotional, mental, and energetic shifts in my body-mind vessel, that led to shifts in consciousness -- and within a week I was filled with the most unwavering, unstoppable confidence and courage, an absolute knowing that I was part of something much, much bigger, and that I could trust this.

And so I trusted, filed for divorce, and started my grand experiment: to see what would happen if I live on the wings of trust and laughter, to continue aligning my physical state with my highest possibilities through this practice, and to develop my ability to align my thoughts, choices, and actions with the guidance of my soul?

Over the years, it's led me to share the gift of laughter and play on retreats, cruises, international conferences, countless online summits, and a thought leaders' conference at Harvard; I've led joy retreats around the world, including multiple events in Jackson Hole, twice in Thailand, Maui, and Switzerland; it's taken me past six-figures in my business, has allowed me to facilitate hundreds upon hundreds of laughter meditations and joy coaching sessions, has birthed the Quantum Play spiritual technology for alignment and joy, and has opened the doors to powerful transformation, connections, and experiences that continue to blow my mind far beyond what I ever could have imagined when I first started.

And now, the Awesomeness Alignment program has distilled the best of the best of the best practices, mindset shifts, and daily awesomeness habits that I've lived and shared along the way -- the core essentials that have allowed me to develop airtight resilience and unstoppable joy, feel deeply interconnected with all things, navigate chaos and uncertainty with confidence and humor, and to continue to open into higher possibilities every step along the way. 

Honestly, it feels a bit like a baby that I've been pregnant with for 45 years. And now... SHE'S HERE! I'm excited beyond words to share it with you, and cannot wait to hear what it opens up for you, too!

It's time for us all to screw the "HOW" and just say YES to our boldest aspirations.

But... how? (Ha ha, there it is again!)

Clarity, courage, and confidence come when we're willing to PLAY with our life, to have fun with it, to ALLOW OURSELVES TO LET GO OF CONTROL, relax, and enjoy the ride. 

These Quantum Play practices are the WD-40 for your transformation, the lubricant that eases the friction on your soul's journey, the trampoline that lets you spring forward from the low points into new levels of open-heartedness and joy.  

I don't know if you'll be guided to walk away from what you thought you needed to be safe in the world -- like I was -- or what your soul has in store for you.  

But I promise you this: 

If you endeavor to stay ALIGNED with your awesomeness using these foundational Quantum Play practices, there is absolutely nothing that you cannot do. 

And no matter what bumps in the road you encounter, you will continue to experience more and more joy, freedom, aliveness, fulfillment, and awesomeness. 

The better it gets, the better it gets. So... let's play!  

"Not only do I know I can certainly create the things that felt impossible just a few days ago, no matter what comes up, I can do that over and over and over again. It has cleared all of the uncertainty and lack of confidence and little doubts that were holding me back that I didn’t want to admit before. To bring those out and clear them out of the way, and allow me to be my most awesome self, is an amazing gift.”  

— LaRita Jarvis, CEO, Jarvis & Co. 

“I really feel like this whole experience has tapped into a deeper part of my being, my fierceness, this inner knowingness, just how much power I have. I’m feeling so much more courageous and trusting of myself and the universe and the world. I’m just so excited to get out there and take my business and my life to the next level.”  

— Megan King, Founder, Your Adventurous Life

"There's no escape from the hard work, but the lightness of joy helps so much -- the impossible turns out to be possible. My energy level has gone up, I have confidence in myself, and I have trust again in my soul´s guidance." 

– Harriet Fagerholm, Founder , CoCreate Life



This is a deep dive into the fundamental principles of CREATION -- the foundational practices to align your mind, body, and actions with the Infinite Creative Power so you can be the self-actualized, awesomeness-embodied, prosperous and purposeful badass leading edge creator that you are here to be.  


• Discover the one fundamental shift you MUST MAKE (and can do easily) to tap into your infinite creative power, confidence, and awesomeness consistently, sustainably, and predictably. Without this, you’ll have occasional random moments of inspiration followed by long periods of struggle and frustration.  

• Use this simple process to stop trying to do and be "enough" , get out of your head, and know exactly what you must let go of to get where you want to go.  

Shift from "achieve" to "align" and learn where to direct your energy instead of the never-ending hamster wheel of "achieving" by valuing what and how you are BEING not just what you are doing. 

• Quantum Play practices to stay connected with the energy of Awesomeness (and play with the "OMG There's Nothing Awesome About THIS" moments, too.)  


• Go way beyond mindset and learn the simplest way to REWIRE your brain and nervous system to support you instead of working against you - harnessing the power of mind, body, emotion AND energy.  

• Source your creative power and success from who you are BEING not what you are DOING.  

• Master the powerful Awesomeness practice that acts like “Teflon” -- preventing negative emotions and thoughts from “sticking” to you – so you don’t drown in your own cesspool of suffering.  

• Stop creating an "emotional connection" with your goals and source your manifesting power from what REALLY works instead


• Play the Alignment Game to discern which course of action will lead to more stress, efforting, struggle, and force, and which will lead to flow and joyful success.  

• Source your actions from your deepest truth to be the CAUSE of the effects you desire, instead of chasing the external effects and results you want, doing the “expectation/disappointment” dance, and living on the perpetual hamster wheel of “as soon as I do this, THEN I’ll have the success, joy, and fulfillment I desire.”  

• Discover the deeper truth beneath the challenges you’re facing so you can uncover your blindspots, manifest more of what you want and less of what you don’t want, and become a damn good detective sleuthing out the clues of your most awesome life.  


• Transcend “shiny object syndrome” and distractions with this simple tool to help you stay focused on the things that really matter.  

• End the cycle of “Inspiration! Brilliant idea! No follow through. Crap. I suck.”  

• Create the failsafe, foolproof method of HOW TO THINK about your goals in a way that creates unstoppable momentum and confidence instead of stress and discouragement.  


• Convert your inner momentum into practical, tangible action steps that actually move the needle on getting results.  

• Learn how to unlock the four treasures in “failure” by interpreting your experience accurately.  

• Dissipate the “shoulds” and create whatever the hell you are inspired to create in the moment with unwavering trust in yourself and the process.  

• Create results from the “I’m doing this for the fun of it” intrinsic motivation rather than the “I want that” chasing of external circumstances or the fear of not doing enough.  

"He who lives in harmony with himself lives in harmony with the universe." ~ Marcus Aurelius  

"I was wanting a way to not just step into my power but have STAYING power -- to consistently continue on my path with confidence -- and with the Awesomeness Alignment process, Anne totally delivers. I came away with SO many customized and individualized tools, that I know I’ve got so many failsafes, so many ways I can work through whatever comes up and keep the momentum going and keep on soaring.”  

— LaRita Jarvis, CEO, Jarvis & Co. 

“One of the Awesomeness tools, the Crap Map, was not an easy process because so much of your crap comes up. You have to face all of it and feel it and dive in and own it and then admit it. Laughing about it all totally helped! And the most amazing thing is from doing all of that, I worked through it, stepped up, and instead aligned with my awesomeness. I connected with how my body feels, the sensations, and beliefs that come from my higher power and it just helps me to know when to cut the crap literally. The process wasn’t easy, it’s not for the faint of heart, but it’s so worth it.”  

— Megan King, Founder, Your Adventurous Life

"I was using one of the Awesomeness Alignment tools to work though some crap where I was feelng blocked, and spontaneously burst out laughing -- a huge, hearty belly laugh. It was absolutely hilarious to see my stories in this light and to see the beliefs I'd been believing. This was awesome. Thank you so much, Anne!"

– Barbara Gosselin , Holistic Healing PT


This is a digital program with five modules that you can engage with at your own pace. You'll have lifetime access to the materials immediately upon purchase.

Ready to step into your most courageous, resilient, unstoppable joy?



I don’t just want to “feel awesome,” I need some serious results. I get that it’s all about creating from the inside out, but how can I be sure this will work for me?  

Well…It really depends on your willingness to let go of your addiction to sourcing your joy from Life Meeting Your Expectations. (This is, of course, the social norm – to wait for the “outside world” to change and THEN we can be happy, feel joy, say “woo hoo! Awesome!”.) But any master of this game of life and business will tell you, that’s a recipe for suffering and crazy-making.  

If you’re willing to look at the ways in which you’ve been making external results your master, you uncover the deeper needs that you think those specific results will meet. From there you discover how to meet those needs, which then allows you to create from a place of wholeness instead of lack. And then it all gets a lot more fun. And you get results beyond what you can imagine with your limited mind, too.  

So the real question is not “will this work for me?” but “Am I willing to explore a new way of creating? Am I willing to live in a posture of possibility? Am I willing to relax a little bit more?”  

Um, not to be a Debbie Downer here, but to be honest I’m having trouble connecting with “Awesomeness.” I mean, I’m grateful for what I have, but I don’t feel “awesome” and it sounds like a lot of effort to try to be awesome every day. This must be for other people who are naturally really enthusiastic or something, right? 

Thanks for speaking up, Debbie! I love that you brought this up, because we first get to define AWESOME. No doubt, I often use the word as an effusive expression of positivity and celebration, but really the deeper meaning of AWESOME comes from that which inspires AWE : the great mystery that makes your heart beat and the earth spin on its axis.  

Whatever that is, it’s that infinite creative power, the source of all of this, that is truly AWE-some. And when we source our actions from this power, we infuse everything we do with an energy that feels alive and fulfilling. Sometimes it’s exuberant, yes, and sometimes it’s quiet, and sometimes it’s feeling sad and honoring the release of discordant emotions.  

Instead of Awesomeness, we could call it Source, Spirit, Christ Consciousness, God, I AM, Shakti, Allah, Evolutionary Impulse, Creator, or whatever word resonates with you, but I find those words sometimes create more division than unity, so I’m going with Awesomeness here. Would it help if we called it The Big Kahuna Alignment instead?  

How is this different from other mindset programs?  

Some people say that 90% of success is mindset and 10% is action. Mindset mastery is essential, yes, but only one of four areas we must address.  

In addition to mastering how we direct the focus and power of the mind, we must also learn to master our nervous systems and energy as well. 

Transformation happens at the mental, physical, emotional, and energetic levels so a holistic approach is required, in my experience.

In this program we are addressing mindset, embodiment, emotions, and energy so you have a multi-faceted toolbox for navigating your experience. 

And also... in how many mindset programs do you laugh, play, and leave feeling like "OMG THAT WAS SO FUN!"  

I don’t need to feel awesome, I just need to manifest more money and a team of assistants. Will this help me manifest the resources I need to take my business to the next level?  

Yes. And probably not in the way you think. My clients have manifested everything from ideal clients to dream houses to soulmate partners to high-visibility speaking opportunities to $5000 checks showing up in the mail (literally), even to spontaneous weight loss.  

But it’s because they stopped “needing to manifest” and just started showing up fully to honor their creative genius and express it.

They started saying “YES” to the dreams in their heart and stopped worrying about “how to get” what they wanted.  

So, yes, you’ll manifest what you need, but not from a place of need. You’ll learn where to place your focus and energy in a constructive way, instead of trying to get a specific result.  

I need a clear vision before I can really take action. Should I wait until I am more clear before doing this program?  

Chicken. Egg. Which comes first? 

Awesomeness Alignment. Clarity. Same deal. 

What if, on your way to your clear vision, you suddenly find you are deeply ENJOYING YOUR LIFE and making a difference even though it’s not perfect and you don’t have your shit together (whatever that even means) and you are a total work in progress and occasionally a hot mess but you’ve reframed the “hot mess” to be “creative chaos from which your greatest contribution arises like a phoenix from the ashes” and now you’re totally cool with What Is and was there even a problem in the first place?  

All I want to know is what is “intuition” and what is fear, so I can make decisions more clearly. Will this help with that?  

If you mean discerning when something “doesn’t feel right” so you should definitely NOT take action on it versus when something “doesn’t feel right” but you know you absolutely have to send the email even if you are bawling like a baby because you are so freakin’ scared as you type it, then yes.  

If you mean discerning “when something feels so right!” so you KNOW you’ve got to do it and then it turns out to be so awful and you lose trust in yourself because it felt so right and yet it turned out so wrong, then yes.  

If you’re an intuitive, feeling person and are working on calibrating your guidance (when do you trust “living by feel” and when is that absolutely not the thing to do), then yes, Awesomeness Alignment is definitely for you!  

Oh, the irony. I think I need this program because I don’t have enough time to do everything I need to do. But I’m also not sure I have the time to do the program. How much time will this take, anyway?  

Ha ha ha! Welcome to Time Bending Lesson #1. You always have time for the things that are important to you. Most days, you create the time to eat, sleep, and go to the bathroom, right? Non-negotiables.  

So you don’t have a TIME problem, you have a values and needs prioritization issue. Which is, of course, what Awesomeness Alignment is all about – getting crystal clear on where to put your focus and energy so you are, in fact, doing more of the things that make you awesome (and less of the rest.)  

It’s worth checking in to see: 

  • Is learning how to think about your thinking, a priority for you?  
  • Is learning how to manage your energy and focus, a priority for you?  
  • Is learning how to create more time a priority for you?  
  • Is learning to be a master of your life and business a priority for you?  
  • Is expressing the fullness of your creative genius a priority for you?  

If not, that’s totally okay.  

If it IS, how important is it, on a scale of 1-10?  

What happens if you DON’T learn these things, and are you okay with that?  

Awesomeness isn’t for everyone, and that’s okay.  

I have taken so many online programs that I never finished. I get through, like, module 2, and then get busy with other things. What will make this one different?  

Before you sign up for yet another program that runs a risk of collecting virtual dust on your computer desktop, do an Awesomeness Alignment Check:

  • On a scale of 1-10, how important is it to you to be living your full potential, waking up each day with deep joy and fulfillment, making your most awesome creative contribution and moving through your day with flow, fun, and aliveness?  
  • If not a 10, what would have to shift for it to be a 10? If it IS a 10, do you believe this program could help you do that? (If not, let me know what’s on your mind and I’ll address it! )  
  • If it’s a 10, and you feel confident that this could help you, then WHAT IN THE WORLD WOULD DISTRACT YOU from doing this work? No, really, I’m serious. Write down ALL of the ways you distract yourself, pull yourself out of alignment, put other people’s needs first, get caught up in drama, talk yourself out of believing that it’s possible for you, justify your limitations, and put your energy into piddly stuff THAT DOES NOT ACTUALLY MATTER. Get it out on paper so you can see it. No shame, here, just radical honesty.  

Because really, if watching cat videos on Youtube is really more important than creating your awesome life of joyful purpose and contribution, then it’s important to know that, you know?  

I'm thinking about quitting my job and starting my own consulting practice. How is this program relevant for me?  

Wonderful! In my humble opinion, this is the program that every budding entrepreneur should experience BEFORE starting your own business, so that you have tools and a solid foundation for staying true to yourself as you navigate the information-overloaded world of business coaching.  

There’s so much out there, and everyone claims to have the solution to the thing that will really get you the results that you want, so it’s imperative that you have a rock-solid connection to YOUR truth, genius, intuition, unique creative process, and vision.  

If you have your Awesomeness Alignment practices in place, you will waste less money and time on programs that aren’t actually in alignment, you’ll be less distracted, and you’ll have more fun staying true to yourself as you go.  

I’m having a hard time with the “play” piece – play doesn’t come naturally for me, and I don’t really see how playing will help my business. And yet… at some level I’m intrigued. Could you be more specific to help me connect the dots?  

Sure! There are three elements of play – playful mindset (willing to look at things in a light-hearted way or laugh at yourself), physical play (moving your body in playful ways), and playing with energy (oooh, what happens if we do THIS!?).  

The more we play in any or all of these ways, the more we raise our vibrational frequency and can access lighter energies, from which more elegant solutions and innovative ideas emerge.  

Play also is a “pattern interrupt” which breaks us out of old habits of thinking (which are likely keeping us stuck or struggling) and can powerfully move energy through our physical body. This is especially important as we are releasing old patterns of limitation – which have been stored in the body, cells, DNA, and our energy field.  

Plus, we are at our best in making our greatest contribution to the world when we are having fun, so it’s essential that we remember how to have fun in the simplest of ways!  

Ready to be the courageous, resilient, unstoppable, joyful, authentic and awesome you that wakes up in the morning loving your life?


You CAN close the gap between "here" and "there" through joy and flow, not willpower and "figuring it out".

You CAN create joy and flow by aligning with your awesomeness.

You CAN align with your awesomeness through Quantum Play.

Let me show you how.

Much love and big laughing hugs,